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In Memory

Bruce Malfait

Bruce died May 9, 2014 in Alexandria, Virginia. He is survived by brother Roger, sister Karen and longtime friend Polly. Bruce was an early RSVP for our 50th reunion - which helped us secure the facility. We will greatly miss seeing him at the event. 

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06/09/14 11:35 AM #2    

Gene Lawrence

Many good memories of Bruce from elementary school at Edison and then at MT. I was so looking forward to seeing him at our 50th next year. Rest in peace my friend. May God's comfort surround his family and friends who mourns his passing.

06/09/14 03:49 PM #3    

Linda Hale (LeRoy)

I just saw this, posted in the Tacoma Tribune. I always liked and admired Bruce. And, looked forward to seeing him at next year's reunion. Rest in peace, Bruce.



Bruce T. Malfait Born March 4, 1947 in Tacoma, WA to Glenna and Harry Malfait. Died May 9, 2014 in Alexandria, VA. Bruce graduated from Mt. Tahoma High School, graduated from Stanford University, and earned a Ph.D. in marine geology from Oregon State University. He joined the U.S. National Science Foundation in 1974, and was responsible for the United States management of the Ocean Drilling Program when he retired in 2006. He was the U.S. architect of the transition to the international Integrated Ocean Drilling Progam. In recognition of his accomplishments facilitating ocean research, a mountain peak in Antartica was named "Mount Malfait, Antarctica" by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. An avid fly fisherman, he greatly enjoyed tying flies and exploring the rivers, fishing rod in hand. A cherished brother, he will be missed by family, brother Roger, sister Karen, nieces and nephew, and longtime friend Polly.
Pub Date: 6/8/2014


06/10/14 09:41 AM #4    

Ann Whitelock (Herfindahl)

Bruce will be missed by the lives he touched.  His sister was the inspiration for my life career.  His parents set the high standards he reached.  He is gone but only fond memories remain.  He is missed by his HS friends.

06/10/14 11:12 AM #5    

Paula Robinson (Varner)

Bruce looked so happy in his posted photo. It's so very sad to know he isn't here anymore. No doubt everyone who knew him will miss him.

06/11/14 07:53 AM #6    

Dale Stirn

I had brief correspondence with Bruce a couple of months ago.  I was so looking forward to seeing him at our "big" reunion...he was my best friend in junior and senior high school...somehow, as we went our separate ways in college, life interfered with our relationship.  I have often regretted that, Bruce was such a wonderful, caring person.  I remember when I first heard of John Lobland's death..I was hoping the rest of the Boy's Club gang would somehow survive at least into our 70's.  But we lost Ron Schatz some time back, perhaps others I am not aware of, and now Bruce.  

Ann, I know how tough this is for you.  You were his "one true love" in school.  You were the one girl who truly understood him for who he was and loved him for it.  My admiration for you at the time was awesome...I want you to know that now, before it is too late to express my appreciation to you.

Let us hope we will not be hearing more such bad news before we all have a chance to get together and celebrate our lives and the tremendous significance we all played in creating our futures.

Rest in peace, Bruce.


06/11/14 10:27 AM #7    

Dennis Dudley

....More sad news.  Bruce was a really nice guy....  My biggest supporter on the basketball team and I always appreciated that.

RIP Bruce....

06/11/14 02:04 PM #8    

Harlan Holcomb

A classmate, a Team Mate, a Friend. A little sadder now!  RIP Bruce!  Thanks for the memories!

06/15/14 03:06 AM #9    

Joe Cozine Jr

I didn't know Bruce except for his smile and great basketball.  That MT team was the first in The city of Tacoma history to go 20-0  There was a bunch of nice guys on that team and I'm pretty sure Bruce was a big reason,

Rest in Peace,

Joe Cozine

06/15/14 11:31 PM #10    

Robbie Welch (Rennie)

I was so very saddened to hear of Bruce's passing.  we were all looking forward to seeing him at our 50th year class reunion.  He was such a nice person, so very bright, and a terrific athlete.  I have many fond memories of watching him and the rest of the MT basketball team play, especially during our senior year when their record was 20 - 0.  Rest in Peace.

08/17/15 08:27 PM #11    

Judy Johnson (Auge)

When I told Dick Perkins (biology teacher at Mt. Tahoma) that Bruce had died, he reflected that Bruce was the brightest student he had ever taught.  I remember him as a good friend with a kind word at all times.  In 6th grade at Edison, our teacher, Bob Thaden, let Greg Beck, Beth Aalbue, Bruce and I work out of the library where we corrected papers, ran errands and had a separate curriculum while he taught the rest of the class.  As a retired 5th grade teacher, I don't know how he got away with it. We loved our special priveleges and really never took advantage of it. 

Bruce lived about a block away from me as we were growing up and one block from Gray.  Harlan was a block away in the other direction.  So close and with so many good memories that we shared.  I, too, looked forward to sitting and talking to Bruce.  Amazing guy, for sure.  Gone too soon and missed by all.


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