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2023 Class Picnic

As we planned to after our 50th class reunion and before we were derailed by Covid, we have scheduled an informal gathering for MT '65 classmates on the second Saturday in August.


We received a letter of gratitude from the most recent recipient of a $600 scholarship awarded to a MT grad attending Clover Park Technical College - Ms. Julia Orozco. Another $600 scholarship will be awarded for the winter quarter. How rewarding to see your collective generosity benefit a fellow Mount Tahoma grad. THANK YOU!

Good News! We have achieved our endowment goals for BOTH the Clover Park Endowment ($12k) and the Bates Technical College Endowment Funds ($10k).  To think that you achieved these goals in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, without the benefit of gatherings and fundraisers is astonishing! You have demonstrated vision and generosity. THANK YOU! Given the current financial climate and uncertainty in the world, the interest that is accruing on the respective endowments will be slower than we anticipated. Most likely, the $600 scholarships from the endowments will not be awarded until the end of 2023. The money is still safe - and will be paying dividends in perpetuity. 

That said, there is $1,900.00 in a Named Scholarship at Clover Park. Those funds will be awarded in $600 scholarships this year; perhaps in the fall and winter. If you would like to donate to a Named Scholarship for either Clover Park or Bates, please mail a check, (indicating that it is for the Named Scholarship) and put Mount Tahoma, and your class year in the notes portion of your check. Those addresses are:

Clover Park Technical College Foundation
4500 Steilacoom Blvd. SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Bates Foundation
1101 S. Yakima Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98405





 Looking Back

Ladies Only Event
Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fabulous! Lunch at the Market Place Grill and fun shop hopping.
'65 Ladies: Sue Brown, Connie Swanson, Penny Drost, Wendy Stephens,
April Larson and Paula Robinson

One Terrific Mom, One Terrific Day!
The "Arlington Kids" plus three MT '65 Kids brought lunch to Mildred Dudley on Feb.15. Oh, the stories. We laughed and laughed.
Arlington Kids: Gary Meier, Robbie Welch, Dennis Dudley, Julie Johnson and Penny Drost.
Mount Tahoma '65 Kids: Paula Robinson, April Larson and Bob Taylor.


MT '65 Ladies Luncheon
A step back in time: 
Olive Branch Victorian Tea Room and Restaurant

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Kathy Faker, Wendy Stephens, Paula Robinson, Julie Johnson, Linda Smith
April Larson, Cathy Hanly, Julie Rush, Robbie Welch, Penny Drost

It was such a wonderful event, we decided to bring the MT 65 ladies together to catch up and stroll down memory lane at least three times a year - Spring, Fall and Winter - saving summer for our annual August mini reunion at Meadow Park. We have had two 70th birthday parties, our first ladies luncheon, a picnic gathering hosted by Pat and Patti (Corcoran) Conner and our first mini runion at Medowpark since our 50th Class Reunion in 2015. If you want to add an event to our "stay in touch" calendar, let Penny Drost know (drostpe@msn.com) for our web site and Julie Johnson (mamajules47@gmail.com) for our Facebook page.





Craig Kerr, Brian Meidinger, Terry Elsdon ('64), Julie Johnson Elsdon,
Paula Robinson, Penny Drost, Dick Pedlar,
Mike Devereaux, Linda Smith, Robbie Welch, Rudy Font

Happy 70th Birthday to Us!
Tuesday, Aug. 22. 2017
Farrelli's at Point Ruston

Photos from August 12, 2017 Event are on Facebook
Mount Tahoma Class of 1965





Thank you to hosts Pat and Patti (Corcoran) Conner

Sid Harr ('66) poses with the girls now including Paula Robinson and Wendy Stephens

Friends since Arlington Elementary School: Robbie Welch, Julie Johnson, Penny Drost and Gary Mitchell


Lynn Herth and Pat Spencer

Gary Mitchell, Rudy Font, Harlan Holcomb, Ed Pauschert

Gary Mitchell, Jon Mowry, Patti Corcoran

Robbie Welch and George Ferris

Pat Conner and Bob Taylor

Special Guest Star Sid Harr, Class of '66 and Linda Smith

T-Bird Class of 1865 
Guess who!


50th Reunion – Saturday, August 15, 2015

Check out the photo gallery  "50thReunionPhotos"

Click here for:  A special tribute video.


Friday, August 14, 2015
Tour of new Mount Tahoma arranged by Julie Johnson Elsdon and led
by her daughter Kari-Ellen. What a great kick-off for our reunion!

"We're the class with all the drive, Mount Tahoma '65!"
Winner of the class pep assembly competition all three years!!!


July 5, 2014, Lunch at Dukes 


Robbie Welch, Dennis Dudley, Bonnie Nichols, Julie Johnson, Penny Drost, Bob Taylor, Jon Mowry, April Larson, Linda Keith, Paula Robinson. Plus Robbie's mom Betty, sister Barbee, and Bonnie's sister-in-law Chris.


Gathering of MT '65 ladies August 2012 and July 2013

2012 (top photo):Suzi Feldman, Julie Johnson, April Larson, Robbie Welch, Cheryl Battson, Julie Rush, Jan Berg, Penny Drost, Judy Johnson and Beth Aalbue. In 2013, Jeanette Hansen, Linda Keith, Deborah Meeds  and Paula Robinson joined Penny, April, Cheryl and Jan.


Gathering of MT '65



•   JoElla Roberts (Cudney)  8/6
•   Mike Truax  7/8
•   Don Bechtold  7/7
•   Frank Poston  6/18
•   Judy Camp (McKenzie)  6/14
•   Norm(Bud) Schultz  12/30
•   Kathy Faker (McCormack)  10/2
•   Julie Johnson (Elsdon)  6/13
•   Rudy Font  5/24
•   Myra Reiter (Marlin)  4/9
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