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In Memory

Bill Stevens

Arlington, Gray, Mount Tahoma

By sister Marti Stevens Couch: 

Bill was my brother and I miss him each and every day. I remember how close we were as small kids and I’m sorry to say we drifted apart as we grew older. He was so popular and I was not. I did not know that he really cared for me until my graduation from nursing school and I got a card from him that only he and I would understand. He wrote me a poem, something he enjoyed, and I still have it. He was a kind person to others but not to himself.

He served in the Army after high school and served one tour in Viet Nam. He was in Army intelligence and always told me he could tell me what he did seven years after he was discharged. When he finally told me, I was a little disappointed. It didn't seem to be as special as I had figured. I guess I thought he was some kind of James Bond. LOL! I can only imagine what he went through and what he saw. He was never the same after he came home from Viet Nam.

He became a respiratory therapist, but after a short time decided it wasn't for him and followed in our father's footsteps and became a bricklayer. He had two daughters but always wanted a son. He doted on my two sons and would have loved to know he had two grandsons. I wish he had lived long enough for his grandkids to have known him. He had his problems, but was the best he knew how to be. I know he is in Heaven now with the rest of the family and one of my grandsons - and I am sure he is doting on him.

Of all the special memories I have of my brother, I will never forget how he hugged me and held me the day our father died. He did care.  

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07/05/10 05:48 PM #1    

JoElla Roberts (Cudney)

So sad today after learning of our classmates who have passed away.  I wanted to write about Bill Stevens, because he was special to me. 

I remember going to our new school, Gray Jr. High, from Manitou Elementary.  That was a big step, because a lot of the other kids there already knew each other from the South Tacoma Elementary Schools.  Bill was in my Home Room (Miss Rynning) and he was a bright spot in her very strict class.  What was really fun was watching him throw spit balls and gum balls at the ceiling and getting them to stick up there!  Miss Rynning never looked up, I don't think, so she never caught him!  It was really funny.

The next time Bill became special to me was when my dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital.  Guess who his respiratory therapist was?  It was Bill and he was great with my dad and I was thankful for his skill in caring for my "pops".  I am saddened by knowing he is no longer with us. 


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